Completing our Family, Pregnancy Announcement!

I hope this summer was amazing for all of you! Ours was filled with highs and lows but we’re ending these warm and sunny days with a BIG announcement! We’re expecting and this time, we’re embarking on a journey that is unlike anything we’ve done before.
It’s a Beautiful Thing, a Mother’s Intuition
I was around 8 weeks when I woke up one morning with this strong feeling about this pregnancy. I knew things were different, they felt different. So I told Ryan “I think this is a twin pregnancy” I actually just blurted it without much thought, really. He laughed, he knows that my intuition is always right about the gender and so I don’t think he had any real reason to doubt me but I think a part of him thought I was kidding. I headed to the doctor about 3 days later where we had our first ultrasound, “the dating scan.”

This ultrasound was transvaginal (yuck) while the ultrasound tech was getting her screen in order and typing up my information, I could see the actual ultrasound image on a gigantic screen in front of me. For a brief moment, I saw them… Without a doubt, there were TWO BABIES! The tech began her scan and seemingly only mentioned one baby the entire time. As she was coming to the end of the scan, I asked “is there just one?” she replied, “I’ll have to check around your uteru- oh, there are two!” She checked the heart beats and at 175 and 176 BPM, they’re doing well!

I saw the doctor after that, we talked about the differences between twin pregnancies and singleton pregnancies and how the delivery will go if all goes according to plan. For this pregnancy, I am seeing Dr. Baker at The Healing Sanctuary. What I love most about this practice is that they really strive to help heal and treat without jumping to over doses of medication and surgery. I personally like to avoid medication, surgery and invasive testing that is not necessary and so this is the right fit for me. Below, I’ll post the prenatal package of vitamins that Dr. Baker recommends and carries in office. I also really enjoy the fact that the practitioners at this office work hand in hand with one another. There is a knowledgeable naturopath on site who helped to explain the supplements that I’m taking which was very helpful.

I’m so excited to be able to experience the twin pregnancy but also, to watch these two people bond as they grow and to share the unique relationship that twins have. All of our existing children are close, they treat each other equally and seemingly don’t have favorites. One concern that I have (beyond the birth and the first few months) is that the twins will form a clique of their own and the children will be divided. Hopefully, this isn’t the case because that just might break my heart.

About Our Twins:

  • Due on March 1st
  • Dichorionic / Diamniotic
    (They have their own sack and placenta)
  • They are the lowest risk twin type
  • We won’t know if they’re identical/fraternal until after birth
    Different genders = fraternal | same genders = 30% chance of being identical
    – Only a DNA test can prove if they’re identical
  • They were conceived naturally
    (12 in 1,000 people are naturally conceived twins)
  • My husband’s side of the family has 2 sets of twins – both fraternal
  • On my side of the family, my grandmother’s sisters were the last set of twins
    (before we came along)
  • We won’t find out the genders until birth
  • My thyroid levels look much better and all without medication!

Here is a look at the prenatal package that my doctor recommends taking during any pregnancy. My doctor is careful with the MTHFR genetic mutation factor that many of us have so he chooses vitamins that are easily broken down for everyone. My husband and I are both positive for MTHFR I have heterozygous MTHFR C677T & MTHFR A1298C He has homozygous MTHFR 03 P39P so we have to be careful with supplements (to be honest, I hardly took prenatal vitamins with my last babies because most of them had folic acid that wasn’t broken down and this is not a good thing for my genetics.