Glasstic Water Bottle Review

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Glasstic sent me this super cool water bottle that I was able to design all by myself on their website!

I spend a good amount of my day drinking water. It’s important to me that I find a safe bottle that also flows nicely with my everyday life. I’ve found the Glasstic bottle to be my favorite so far. In addition to being double walled and insulated, this bottle also allows you to customize it completely. When creating my bottle, I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to put on the bottle. I thought it would be neat to put my website name and the logos associated with it on there.

I headed to the website and clicked on “All Water Bottles” this tab took me to a page where I could see all of the water bottles that I could choose from. I decided to choose the 16oz Clear Glass Black Flip Cap product for $19.99. When I hovered over the product, an additional button showed up which I could choose labeled “Personalize.” Under that button it said + additional $5.00 (which I tought was a great deal!) I then logged into my account. I was taken to the personalization tool.

The tool was very easy to use, you can add a variety of things to customize your Glasstic bottle. You can choose a background color or leave it blank (I chose to leave mine blank) there was a drop down box along with two buttons that offered other options as well. Those options included;

  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • QR code
  • Barcode
  • Rich Text
  • Text
  • Image

Once you have added your text or image, you can then rotate it, turn it or even duplicate it. In my case I duplicated my logo several times on the bottle to make the effect that looks like bubbles.

On the sides of the personalization tool, you’ll see information and tips. You’ll want to use high resolution images of 300 dpi for the sharpest print quality. When you’re all finished with the design, simply click the preview button, this will take you to a set of images. The images are the front and back sides of the bottle so that you can be sure to approve your design before having it processed and then sent to the printer.

When creating my bottle, I used Adobe Photoshop. I created my logos with transparent backgrounds. The cutout parts of the image in Photoshop was still cut out on the bottle which I thought was very cool.

The shipping from Glasstic was extremely fast. I ordered and the bottle arrived within just 3 days. I live in Idaho and I know that sometimes our mail tends to run a little bit slow due to an added day for transit. When the bottle arrived, I was very pleased with the quality, I thought the bottle was just the right amount of heavy as it stood tall on it’s own and didn’t seem like it would tip over unless pushed. I absolutely love the lid to this bottle. I think the lock on the top to keep contents in is easy to use and it actually prevents spills.

My Favorite Thing:

I love the way this bottle looks, when I take it out with me, people will ask to see it and they’ll ask where I got it from. I love that it has a unique look. Also, I loved the price of the water bottle and the design tool. I have seen water bottles in stores near me that try to replicate this design and they just aren’t as sturdy, don’t have the locking lid and overall, their shape is not as attractive. In addition to it looking and feeling great in my hands, I think the Glasstic water bottle is also priced very well. As I mentioned, other bottles – their pricing is about the same but the quality and the custom design elements are missing.

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