The Twins First Bath At Home & Together!

This was a pretty magical experience for me because this was the first time that I got to bathe my sons alone. I know that sounds weird, but previously, all of their baths were done with the unnecessary help of a nurse. I don’t think they were really there to help but to keep me company and for liability purposes. The nurses were always so friendly to me, but their presence distracted me from speaking to my sons, maybe even singing to them at bathtime (at home, this always happens but in a public place – I’m not sure that I’d sing haha.)

So, being home was really nice, I loved being able to wash them however I wanted to, without the nurses guiding me. I think a lot of them were not aware that I had already bathed five other newborns on a daily basis because they would always tell me how they would bathe babies. I bathe them differently, because I’m their mother, and they aren’t my patients. Anyway, here are some of the photos from their first bath at home in the Blooming Bath!

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