Are we still in Idaho?

This particular location has a unique feel to it. I don’t come all the way out here often but on this day I was feeling up for an adventure! Initially, the plan was to use the snow scene, and that was it. We’re having some pretty mild weather here in Southeastern Idaho so I felt like it was warm enough to keep shooting beyond the 30-minute timeframe. At one point during the session, I thought I’d mix things up a bit and asked these two where they’d like to go. We got into our cars and headed down the mountain. I told them to stop and let me know where they’d like to finish their session. Somewhere in the middle, they found this beautiful rocky backdrop! It reminded me so much of Arizona and so from the moment we arrived, I had tons of ideas of what I wanted to do. The big rock made for a great location, it shielded us from the wind and the cold so it made for the perfect transition.

I am all about adventure, so if I can make a second location happen, I definitely do! This session originally set out to be a mini session however with the weather and perfect sunshine, I couldn’t go home just yet. Also, I decided to extend this session and make it extra special because these two basically saved my life. It’s a funny story but in short, I wanted to get to the fresh powder and because I’m not all that familiar with the snow (or the ground falling out from underneath me) I fell waist deep in the snow and had to be pulled out!

It’s always an adventure as an Idaho Falls photographer. Here, we are surrounded with beauty, wildlife and of course for part of the year, snow! I hadn’t used the rocky part of this location before but I will definitely head back again. Thanks for a wonderful session!

Our session went a little like this…

This is one of my favorite images from the session! Notice the swirly background? I used a Lensbaby Twist60 to create the effect. I rarely use the manual focus option so when this lens arrived, I was majorly intimidated! With a few minutes of practice, I felt like the lens was the perfect addition to my camera bag.