Ready for an All New Baby Carrier? This is One You'll Love!

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MiaMily Sent me this carrier to review for you guys, you can pick one up for yourself for $169.99!

MiaMily Hipster 3D Plus Baby Carrier

I have always reached for one brand when it came to baby carriers but when we had our fifth baby, I felt like maybe it was time I tried something new. I asked in Mom’s groups, I scoured the web and watched YouTube videos about various carriers. They all had their own highs and lows but there was one that really stood out to me in a positive way, The MiaMily Carrier.

This carrier isn’t one that was lumped in with the traditional contenders and I liked that. I thought trying one that was totally new to me would be a great way to go. I loved their website and the fact that they talked about and were knowledgeable around hip dysplasia. That of course as with any other parent is a big concern to me. I also enjoyed the color choices that were available as well as the accessories available for purchase. The colors on these carriers were of plenty but I loved that they were all neutral to men or women and were also in colors that would stay clean!

The shipping for the MiaMily Carrier was fast! I live in Idaho and it was shipped from California so it only took a few days and even arrived 2 days ahead of schedule. I received my carrier on a snowy day which I felt to be the perfect way to brighten my day. When opening the package I realized that this carrier had a distinctive difference between the others. The difference is that the bottom part is actually a seat like set up which again, helps to prevent hip dysplasia from carriers. Not only does this benefit baby by being in a seated position, but the seat also serves as a pocket for my phone, some cards, cash and my keys. This is also something that other carriers lacked sorely.

This carrier is great for parents to babies of all ages, I didn’t need the infant insert so I can’t say much about that but I received a few accessories which I’ll go over below.

The Hip Seat – The carrier is a two part product, first you’ll have the hip seat, this can be used alone or with the other products. The hip seat is unique but very helpful when you don’t want to use a full carrier but want to hold your baby throughout the day. The hip seat helps to lessen the load on your arms while keeping baby content.

The Double Shoulder – This is where your hip seat transforms into a traditional carrier. You’ll have two shoulder straps and a front panel which will easily zip and buckle in two places onto the Hip Seat. When using the double shoulder, you’ll be able to carry baby in facing, front facing and on your back.

The Single Shoulder – I love this option, I think it’s unique and it looks neat and tidy. You won’t need to unbuckle a shoulder to nurs your baby, you’ll have less fabric to deal with and your baby can have better views of what is going on around them. Like the double shoulder, you’ll simply zip it and buckle twice to the hip seat!

Front Drool Pad – This is a great thing to have, I can take it off and wash it when necessary without washing the entire carrier. My baby loves to soothe his irritable little gums on anything and everything! The drool pad is made of soft material that is attractive looking and doesn’t compromise the overall style of this carrier.

Hood – Having a hood for my carrier has been one of the biggest things. Sometimes I find myself on a trail that is longer than expected and so the hood comes in handy there. The hood also comes in handy when I’m nursing in public and would like some privacy. The makers of this carrier have designed it so that the hood is fully detachable which is great because you can wash just that part instead of the entire carrier if needed.

Trying out the MiaMily 3D Baby Carrier – It was very easy to put my carrier on, I liked that the velcro doesn’t stick to my clothes or other materials. In addition to velcro along the waistband, you have a big buckle which will secure everything in place. From there I inserted my baby and clipped the top back clip. This was also very easy to do and from there, I tightented the straps and were were rockin. That day, I positioned my baby in several of the 9 ways but he preferred the inward facing position the best. Now that he has grown to love his carrier, he loves to face outward and to be on my hip with the hip seat.

  1. What I love about the 3D Hipster Plus Baby Carrier:
  2. The design is beautiful
  3. There are POCKETS for MY things!
  4. Baby is in a seated position
  5. It is comfortable for me and my back
  6. I can rotate his position every time we wear
  7. The front panel opens up to a mesh window for hot days


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Conclusion – I wouldn’t change a thing about this product, I think it is the best carrier I’ve tried and that says alot. As a mother to five babies, finding the right product the first time is important and I definitely got it right with this carrier. This is an investment into your relationship with your baby as well as their overall health and wellbeing, I think the price is just right, and I also think if I were to see their packaging set alongside some of the other carriers, just from the information given on the box, I would definitely reach for this brand.

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