The Handsfree Pumping Bra

By Simple Wishes


FEB, 2017


I was so excited when Simple Wishes sent me a Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra to Review

I use my Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra for “me” time. I can use my phone, get caught up on passion projects or simply interact with my older children!

The hands free pumping bra is soft and easy to put on. It comes with straps to hold it up if you need to leave the house and appear as though you’re wearing a bra.

No matter how full the bottles get, the bra holds them securely in the center of four panels of material.


If you need a bigger size, you can add center panels to extend the length just after baby is born.

I hadn’t tried a hands-free nursing bra before, I basically did things the old fashioned way (holding the flanges with two hands, with no hands to spare.) I have to say that after trying the Simple Wishes Signature Hands-Free Pumping Bra, I wished that I had used this bra sooner. I feel as though my pumping schedule has changed dramatically and for my baby, it makes the world of a difference.

I am a work from home Mom to five, I run a couple of websites, and also take photography clients a few times per week. This means I am at my computer for long hours. I now wear the hands free pumping bra while I work and that my friends, is multi-tasking at it’s finest. I love bras, all kinds. I even worked at Victoria’s Secret for awhile so I know a good amount about them. Sometimes we encounter bras that are just uncomfortable, that was not the case with this product.

The Signature from Simple Wishes is very comfortable to wear, it’s lightweight but very durable. The material is soft and it is fully adjustable. When I received the bra, there was an additional center panel that works as an extender. I didn’t need to use the center panel but I thought it was a good thing to have for those few days post-partum when I (and everyone else is) pretty swollen. In addition to that, it came with bra straps for use while out and about.

When looking at the bra, you’ll see a zipper in the front and soft velcro on the back. The velcro can also be used to fit the bra to your individual shape and you can order additional center panels if necessary. The bra stays up very well and holds the pump flanges quite well even when the bottles are full. This is done by four small panels of fabric in the shape of a tight square. I can pump while working or when I have some time to myself.

When I have a day off from being away from the house or list-free, I like to wear the hands free nursing bra with a simple flannel over it. I usually wear it open while wandering around the house but just in case I need to answer the door or run out for a few minutes, I can simply button the shirt and no one will ever know that I’m wearing a pumping bra!

On the website, there is a size chart, the bra fits true to size. I have no issues with the fit or the functionality and am very pleased. I tend to do poorly with light colors so my initial thought was that I wished it was a darker color but to my surprise, on the website they do offer a black option, as well as a tie-back option too.

Simple Wishes offers a variety of products for the breastfeeding Mama, with the hands-free pumping bra, I also received a Supermom Nursing / Pumping Tank! Right now it’s a little bit snug on me but as I gradually lose the baby weight I will try that out and do a review about that too, so stay tuned!