Tomy sent me the  KiiPix printer in exchange for an honest review of their product!

Hold your photos, feel the memory


I have been looking for a smartphone photo printer for quite some time! I love printing photos, so do my kids. I just love the light in their faces when they can hold an image without a screen dimming, without it being taken away. When you print a photo, it now becomes a physical object that holds emotion and that’s what I’m all about!

No connection, batteries or wires needed!

I took a look at the box for this printer and realized that it mentioned there were no wires, WiFi or batteries necessary to print photos, I found this to be perfect because I feel like sometimes, our world can just be way too technical, and that can be quite frustrating at times. I love the idea of old school and new technology mixing together to make a really cool baby such as the KiiPix Smartphone printer. My biggest fear was that it would use Bluetooth, I don’t know about you guys – but I have big problems with Bluetooth, it’s like there’s something within me that blocks the signal haha.

Use your Instax Film

The KiiPix Smartphone printer uses the Fuji Instax Film, you know those little cartridges that go into the instant cameras? Yep! That’s what your photos will be printed on. I love the look of those photos, with the little area to write a sweet note and things like that. The Instax Film is widely available at stores like Walmart & Target, but sometimes you can score a pretty sweet deal on the film online too!

How the KiiPix Smartphone Printer Works;

I didn’t love the instructions, as a matter of fact – that was the only thing I didn’t like about this! The instructions came in several different languages all on one sheet and I find that about as confusing as the instructions from Ikea haha!

  1. Load your film on the bottom of the printer, make sure the side with two ovals is facing outward
  2. Open the wings of your printer
  3. Remove the white piece (slide it upward and then lift it out, the “camera” part of the printer will lift up
  4. Put the white piece atop the wings (it only fits one way)
  5. Place your phone face down on the white piece. (There is a little mirror on the inside of the KiiPix that will show you how your image lines up with the camera.
  6. Press down the shutter button
  7. Crank the little bolt that says “print” with an arrow until your photo is born!


Tips for using your KiiPix Smartphone Printer

  • When loading the film, do it in a dim room, the film tends to “go rotten” if it’s exposed to a ton of sunshine before being loaded.
  • Crank the little bolt so that the first plastic piece of film comes out, this one isn’t actually a useable photo paper.
  • On the bottom of the KiiPix printer, there is a number counter, that will tell you when you’re out of film!
  • Make sure your phone’s brightness is all the way up and that your phone settings are not selected to where the screen will dim on its own.



Overall, I truly love this printer, I think it’s perfect to put in the diaper bag, I can also see it being entertaining for the kids when one of them decides to get a little wild waiting for the doctor or something like that. I think showing the children that you can still make your own pictures is pretty cool. Some might wonder what the difference is between using this and the Instax Mini Camera, I like this option because I know which photo I want to print and what it will look like before it has been printed. Since you’re spending money per photo, it’s nice to print the ones you know you’re going to love!