Don’t miss the opportunity

Take the Pictures

They could be the only thing you have left

Don’t miss the opportunity

Take the Pictures

I’m not saying this because I’m a photographer

I’m not saying this because I’m a photographer

I’m telling you this because it matters.

Photographs are the physical memories left behind when a loved one passes on

There are many reasons to take photos but, well all die is the best one I can think of. A lot of time, people tend to associate photography with life. Although that is what we are documenting, it’s those photos that are left behind for our families to enjoy when we pass on. Within the last year, I was reminded on three separate occasions, just how important photography can be to the ones who love you. The first time I was reminded of how important taking the photos is… it was when a friend took her own life. A few months before, we got together to do a photoshoot of just her – headshots. I don’t know if this was a part of a bigger plan, but when the news broke that she was the one involved in an “accident” I realized what I needed to do. I headed to my local print store and gathered prints for her memorial. I knew that my photos were exactly what her family needed from me at the time. 

The second time it hit me was when I was booked to take photos of a mother who was losing her life to cancer. The family wanted to be sure to have photos of their mother and this was pretty amazing, not only did we have family members from other states, but from other countries too. The images were beautiful and emotional at the same time. There were tears of joy, tears of sadness.. but there was a whole lot of laughter too. 

The third time took place a few days ago when a dear friend contacted me to ask if I was available that afternoon. Her loyal companion of 13 years became ill (months prior) and worsening by the day. My friend knew that their time together was coming to an end, very soon. It was important for her to have some photos of the dog that was gifted to her as a high school graduation present. This to me, was pretty amazing because I don’t know that I would be thinking about photos when losing my best friend, but – because she did, she now has images to hang and put into an album so that she can always remember Kirra.

I remember as a little girl after my grandparents passed away – I would always hold the photos so tightly that they were actually very wrinkled. Hugging those images of them made me feel like they were still there with me, especially the images they had touched before. Photo paper has a way of retaining certain smells and because the images that I had belonged to them, the photos smelled exactly like their home. That helped me to cope during the initial period of grieving the loss. 

Professional photos can also pull together a funeral or celebration of life. I know that sometimes we might think that selfie with the snapchat filter is our favorite picture, but that isn’t even what we look like – and that’s not how your family will remember you. (Not to mention, snapchat photos don’t print very well, and they can’t be enlarged either.)

I get it though, we all make excuses.

I want to lose the baby weight first” You want to look your best, and that is understandable (Tip: look for a photographer who works with people of all sizes, someone who knows how to dress you – who understands how to edit.)

I just don’t have the money right now” If you’ve never had photos taken, your expectations shouldn’t be very high. Look for photographers who need the experience, who want to work, but just don’t know how to find the clients, also – a lot of photographers will offer giveaways. I do all the time because I want to be sure that everyone has pictures.

My husband hates photos” Lots of people hate photos, but these are not for them. They are for the people who want to remember them after they’re gone. 

I’m too busy” Please consider making time for the people who love you the most. Do it for them.

The moral of the story is, take the pictures. 

No one cares that you were 10lbs, 20lbs, 50lbs over your weight loss goal, no one cares that your husband hated the session and most of all, everyone will appreciate that you took the time to document who you are, a person they will miss.

Kirra passed away peacefully at home later that afternoon surrounded by family and her own fur babies. 

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