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I was supposed to be an artist, just wandering the earth with a hunger for adventure – but as the years went by and I immersed myself with the world’s most natural art, I realized, this was for me, 100%! I’m a Mom – first and foremost. One baby leads to another & well, here I am with seven! This blog is a space to talk about a lot of things, all surrounding parenting, the products that I like, being creative, health, & wellness. I’m not a doctor and I have no medical background, but I do talk about my journey to ultimate health, naturally. I know – you’re probably thinking “great – another crunchy Mom” but I’m not like that, all the way at least – but I do like to make safer choices because I am mindful of my thyroid condition. It is my hope that you find this blog helpful to your own life whether it’s health stuff, photography or parenting, please interact with me if you have the chance, I love good conversation and collaborations with companies that make life easier.

Sometimes I work with companies that send me products for free in order to talk to you guys about them. Sometimes they even pay me for posts, those brands are what helps to support this blog. My promise to you is that I will only work with companies that I am familiar with, and who have a great reputation with their customers. I also only choose brands that are accepting of all lifestyles and family types with good moral standings.

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My Favorite Products for Families

Finding the best fit for your baby’s needs can be quite difficult. After giving birth to seven babies, I have found some really great products that work and that are worth the money. Here are a few that I think are must-haves for Moms and Dads, for various reasons;


The DockATot is something I’ve used with the twins as well as my 5th baby. I loved this product from the first night using it because it helped me get the sleep that I needed to be a great mother because my baby slept through the night. DockATots can be a little bit pricey, but I can assure you – this is something that is worth every single penny (and then some!)

Berkey Water System

My husband purchased this one after reading about the chemicals and toxins in water (bottled water, especially.)  I fell in love with it the day we received it and won’t go back to drinking bottled water ever again. This water filtration system sits on the counter and takes your tap water and turns it into healthy, clean water. We use this to fill baby bottles, cooking & drinking water.

Regalo Baby MyPlay

The MyPlay Eight Panel Play Yard is a favorite of mine because baby’s safety is always my very first priority. This play yard has a soft bottom that sits on the ground, with mesh siding. It is large enough to convert to a ball pit or other activity area for one baby or a few! This portable play yard comes with a shoulder bag that makes transportation super easy. The MyPlay is lightweight and comes in two sizes.

Embe Babies

Have you ever wanted to have your baby in their bouncy seat with their arms swaddled? I sure have and wasn’t able to do this until I discovered Embe Babies. This is a swaddle that is different than the others! With preventing hip dysplasia in mind, this unique swaddle allows babies to have their arms swaddled, with their feet out.

Apple Park Kids

Offers organic baby clothes, beautiful toys & books to help you & your baby bond. Shopping for baby clothes goes beyond what is cute, this company works with organic cotton to offer your baby chemical-free clothing. The toys are also organic & toxin-free which is hard to come by these days. In addition to being safe, Apple Park Kids have some of the most gorgeous products I’ve ever seen!

Blooming Bath

The Blooming Bath is the closest to nature that I’ve found. I love to take baths with my brand new baby because I feel like it promotes bonding outside of the womb. When I am unable to take a bath with my little ones, I turn to the Blooming Bath to cradle my baby in the water using a soft, gentle touch instead of plastic.

Pink Blush Clothing

Choosing clothing that is appropriate for your changing body from pregnancy into the fourth trimester can be so hard. When you think about how many events or photoshoots that might take place during that time, it can be difficult to plan for each of those events. I turned to Pink Blush for all of my clothing needs because their outfits are stylish and flattering on all body types!

Spectra USA Pump

It is so hard to choose a breast pump! Even for me, as a seasoned breast-feeder, I was scared to choose and to make the wrong choice. At my NICU the lactation consultant recommended the Spectra, which I was excited to try and I am so glad that I did! This pump did better for me in comparison to all of the other brands that I had tried.
Print your photos anywhere with a KiiPix smartphone printer!

Print your photos anywhere with a KiiPix smartphone printer!

Tomy sent me the  KiiPix printer in exchange for an honest review of their product! Hold your photos, feel the memory -instantly. I have been looking for a smartphone photo printer for quite some time! I love printing photos, so do my kids. I just love the light in...

Going to a Cancer Center, it Can Change the Way You See Things

Going to a Cancer Center, it Can Change the Way You See Things

Going to a Cancer Center, it Can Change the Way You See Things My hematologist works out of a cancer center, what I saw there... it changes everything. Today I had my appointment with the hematologist, I'll say that that went very well. Like, best case scenario well....

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Do you have a really great product that I should know about?  I would love to know more about you! I work with brands that are helpful to the lives of others. Companies both big and small, that are accepting of all lifestyles + family types because that is what I’m about, loving one another and helping my fellow people to succeed in parenthood.