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First Impressions

I received this package of products to review for you guys, I haven’t used this brand of products in the past, but in short – I love them and I will definitely look for these brands going forward. The OXO products are strong and easy to use, the Method products are naturally derived and smell wonderful! (they don’t smell like typical cleaning products, which I love!

Sink Organizer with Flip-Down Sponge Holder:

There is nothing worse than that dirty sponge smell that can stay on your hands through several washes. I love that OXO came out with this organizer because it’s just about within anyone’s budget and becomes even more affordable when you think about how many sponges you’ll be saving and get more use out of. I am able to fit my palm brush, 2 sponges and a dish squeegee on the organizer!

Dish Squeegee:

My daughter is the main dish-washer at our house and sometimes it takes her a little bit longer to get to the dishes. She used to try and get out of washing dishes because “the food was stuck to them, and they needed to soak” With the Dish Squeegee, she now can easily scrape the food from the dishes and be done with the chore much sooner. I like how it feels in my hands, but even more – I love the way it clears the gunk from dishes.

Large Sink Mat:

This is perfect for a house full of kids, I always have the children clear their plates from the table, and previously I had been asking them to put them on the counter because I was afraid they would break them. With this mat, they can drop the dishes into the sink without the risk of denting the sink, or chipping the dishes.

Palm Brush:

This is my second favorite product from the package that I received, I use a lot of hand wash only dishes and utensils and sometimes, they can be a pain to clean. The Palm Brush feels great in my hands and it doesn’t damage my precious pots and pans. The scrubber is perfect to tackle all kinds of messes too.

16″ Turntable:

This is my most favorite product, I’m a little embarrased to show you guys the first photo because it just looks really messy, but the second photo makes it all better! I was able to put everything from the cabinet onto the turntable for easy acces. This turntable is pretty large, but I have several sets of cabinets in the house that will hold it. I don’t usually like to put cleaning supplies near the food, so I have it in the laundry room.

Burnished Cedar Gel Hand Wash

(best hand wash ever)

This is the best smelling hand wash I’ve ever used. I really like the way most hand soap smells, but this.. this is very different but perfect for the bathroom sink. I like that it has almost a masculine cologne scent. The first time my husband used it, I asked him “did you put on cologne?” It has a great smell and I will definitely purchase this as long as they offer it, it says “limited edition” but I’m hoping that Method keeps it around for some time.

Cool Lavender Gel Hand Wash

Also coming to you with a great smell is the Lavender version of the two, I like this smell as well but I have to say it is a bit lighter, I like to smell my clean hands after I wash them to make sure I did a good enough job haha. While this one does leave a scent, it isn’t as strong as the Burnished Cedar. I use this hand wash in the kitchen so that we can wash our hands after cleaning and things like that.

Golden Citrus Dish Pump

Giving your dishes a splash of summer is the Golden Citrus scent. Dancing across your nose will be a grapefruit and orange mix which is delightful especially when you compare it to the other brands’ powerful lemon scent (which I am not a fan of personally.) This is a new favorite dish soap goes a long way with every pump, I usually add it to the sponge and then go from there.

Golden Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner

Pairing nicely with the Dish Pump is the All-Purpose cleaner. I loved this as well and I really do use it all over. I used it in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. I also used it on the walls and scrubbed away the food from where my son used the wall as a crutch when he was learning to walk. I will definitely purchase this product and maybe try some of the other scents to have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

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