Oxo is a company that has made my life as a Mom easier by making kitchen gadgets and tools that are budget friendly and reliable. I previously talked about their baking mat & sheet pan set (to help make clean up super easy!) That duo are two of my favorites. So I was eager to receive this package of amazing peelers too! 



OXO continues to amaze me with their pricing and their products. I feel that they are worth every penny.

Look and Feel

Each peeler has its own accent color. I personally liked that the set resembled a rainbow, to brighten up the kitchen.

Ease of Use

I can’t believe I’ve been peeling corn any other way, this will save me so much time in the future. More time for socializing!

You don’t need to be a chief to enjoy all of these products

I am pretty relaxed when it comes to cooking, (meaning that I don’t get very fancy in the kitchen) so when I received this package, it was kind of overwhelming because.. I just really didn’t know how to use all of these products, but there were a few details that I learned which helped me to feel more comfortable. These babies are dishwasher safe (again, you can just see that convenience is key with this brand.) The blades are Japanese stainless steel which are sharp and won’t rust, so you can plan to keep these for awhile. There isn’t much that can go wrong with these peelers, the easy grip can be utilized many different ways and are custom to the user’s grip. With the products, I also received a list of recipes to choose from, and to try the peelers on.

Since we have very limited Mexican food up here in Northern Maine (yes, it is killing me.. coming from Southern California / Arizona.. I lived off of different hispanic foods and to go cold turkey, it has been hard) So I decided to try and make my own Esquites! I used the Corn Prep Peeler for this dish.

The Mexican Street Corn Recipe was super simple to follow and the first step was to shuck the corn. I had never done this before using a peeler, I had always used a knife which was really hard. Using the Corn Prep Peeler, you can choose to shuck before or after the corn has been cooked. The recipe directed me to shuck the corn before it was cooked. So I gave it a go!

Surprisingly, I got through all four ears of corn within a minute or so, that’s how easy this was. I was careful to use caution, and make sure that I was peeling the corn, not my fingers which was pretty easy to do, given the safety guards that are on the peeler. This is something that I will definitely use again, and I can’t wait to try out the other recipes and peelers that were sent to me. I can see myself using this quite often with the baby twins and Benton since at this point, they aren’t old enough to remove the corn from the cob on their own. This peeler has just saved me so much time during our backyard BBQ’s!

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