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Nursing is a big part of my life right now with a new baby. I love to try and make sure that my life as a nursing mom goes as smoothly as possible. Now that my little one is only at around 6-8 feedings per day, it’s hard to remember (most of the time) which side I last nursed on. I want to be sure that he’s getting in a full feeding and also, I’d like to stay as evened out as possible as far as the size of each breast.

I love the Dear Loves Co. nursing bracelet for this exact reason. I can easily slip the bracelet off of my wrist and put it on the other side when I switch breasts while nursing. The overall look of the bracelet is pleasing to the eye and for those who are primarily discreet about the fact that they nurse, this is great for them too. You can’t tell that this is a nursing bracelet at all. In fact, the company was founded and began with creating just regular traditional bracelets that are pretty that can be worn by anyone!

When purchasing the bracelet, you’ll select the size of your wrist. When the bracelet arrives, it will come open on both ends. From there, you’ll perform a surgeon’s knot on the ends. It’s important that you put the bracelet on your wrist to be sure that it’s tightened properly and adjusted to the right size. I didn’t know how to do a surgeon’s knot but quickly learned how on youtube and I think I’ll probably use this knot type later in life too so thank you for that one as well!

Overall, I think this product is genuis and it’s a really great way to tell someone that you think they’re special. It’s a gift that others won’t think about but the recipient will love it, no matter what their style is like.

7 things that I love about the bracelet;

  1. It’s gorgeousĀ and serves a purpose
  2. Customized to your size
  3. It helps to keep your breasts even
  4. The bracelet is very durable
  5. It’s stylish and matches just about everything
  6. Comes in many styles and colors
  7. It isn’t just for nursing mothers

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Hello, my name is Ally I'm a mother to 7 beautiful children, a wife, and an artist. My goal in life is to raise good people, be a good person and experience as much as I can. I love to help other people through my experiences. I've been through a lot as a person and I feel like the more we talk, the easier those experiences can be. You are not alone, I'm here. Let's talk.

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  1. Kim

    What a super handy and beautiful piece to wear. I love your website by the way, just beautiful work!


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