Nanobebe Starter Set Review

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I’m a mom to 7, so I’ve seen plenty of bottles. I’ve found some for colic, some that are all natural, but until now – I had never found one that was created specifically for breastfed babies. I realize that pumping and feeding through a bottle isn’t ideal and, for some – the whole process is just confusing.

Pumped milk in the Nanobebe helps to keep it at a safe temperature

Our Story

Our twins were in the NICU for 38 days, so they were fed by bottle and breast from the beginning. Taking milk from a bottle is easier for the baby, so sometimes that is all they’ll take. One of my twins, Aldridge does better with bottle feeding, while Argon does better with bottles.

One of the saddest things about pumping and then bottle feeding is using a warmer that doesn’t heat the milk properly. Sometimes the warmers will end up overheating the milk, diminishing the number of nutrients in it which defeats the purpose of pumping to some degree.

Click the video to see a demonstration of how the Nanobebe bottles work!

What we love about Nanobebe!

I found NanoBebe when I was looking for a set of bottles that could be safely warmed without overheating and what I found with these bottles is that it’s very simple. The starter set comes with bottles and the bowl which is used specifically for these bottles. The circular shape of the bottles helps to evenly heat the breast milk so that the temperature is consistent throughout.

I love that this is a safe way to heat the milk, there isn’t a risk of a steam burn and the cleaning of the bowl is just like cleaning a regular salad bowl!

To use the starter kit;

  1. Pour breastmilk into the bottle, attach the cap/nipple lid. 
  2. Place the bottle into the warming bowl
  3. Fill warming bowl to fill line with hot water
  4. Swirl bottle in water until warm.

    That’s it!

The shape of these bottles is intriguing and attractive. I love the way they feel in my hand while I’m feeding our twins as well. Because of how the nipple is designed, the bottle can be held at just about any angle to comfortably fit into baby’s mouth. One of the things I also wanted to point out is how easy it will be for the baby to grip these bottles. Soon after we came home, at about 8 weeks, one of my other children gave Argon his bottle and I turn to look and he was holding it by himself! I can foresee the boys holding the bottles on their own much sooner with these breastfeeding bottles.

Overall, I love these bottles and highly recommend them to moms like me who are pumping and feeding. You can purchase your breastfeeding bottles on the website!


Twin Breastfeeding Essentials!

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