My Diaper Bag Must Haves

Mama to 3 Under 3!

I’m a Mom to seven but my three under three are the ones I pack a diaper bag for mostly. I like to keep things simple (is that even possible with twins?) When I prepare a diaper bag, I think about the things we check first when a baby cries at home; Diaper, Hunger and Comfort level. So I start there.

Blankets: I like swaddle blankets because they can be used for several different things; swaddling, a nursing cover or a blanket for babies to lay on. Kaydee Baby has created swaddle blanket sets of two that come in a nice bag which is convenient for the diaper bag and space saving.

Diapering essentials: I bring two diapers for each child and a travel package of wipes. I figure if I end up in a situation where I need more diapers, they are pretty easy to find in stores. (Wipes.. not so much so keep that in mind if you have extra room in your bag.) The changing pad is also necessary if you find yourself changing baby in a public place or in the car. I like to bring a bag for dirty diapers or clothes if the need for one arises.

Feeding Supplies: I’m combination feeding between pumping, breastfeeding and supplementing with formula since the boys were preemies. So I bring along the Medela manual pump & some bottles. I typically bring milk with me but just in case I’m out for longer than expected, the manual pump can take over. I also bring water & a little bit of formula, just in case. I like to change out the twins’ bibs when they get wet so that they’re always clean so I bring those too. I love the bibs by Kaydee Baby! They’re thick and soft.

In addition to the essentials

There are a few situations that I imagine happening when I am packing the diaper bag;

A Blowout: I guess this could work for a tire or a diaper blowout haha, I like to pack extra outfits for the tiny babies who might decide to really fill their diapers, so I bring additional onesies for them.

A Crying Baby (or two): For Benton, I have the Kleynimals Keys in my bag. He loves these, they’re stainless steel safari animals that are meant to look like keys to a small child. I bring loveys and pacifier holders for the twins.

The Target Registry Bag

… a wonderful thing to sign up for. I find that a lot of the things in those bags are the perfect size for a diaper bag. In the goody bag, there were travel-sized soap, breast pads and pacifiers which I keep on hand. A lot of the products are newborn size but I keep them in my diaper bag anyway just in case for some reason my original set of supplies is not available to me. I also like to have these things available just in case a friend or another Mom needs one.

About the author…

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