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Though my blog may be small, our followers are real.

Our followers have chosen us to be a part of their everyday. They come from Mom’s groups – in person and online. I am a part of groups for twin moms, natural moms and moms to many children. I am also in quite a few photography groups as well. We also gain followers from in-person interactions and from photo shares from companies like yours.





About Me:


My name is Ally, I’m a mother to seven little ones, our latest grand adventure is a set of twins who arrived at 32 weeks gestation. For the last 7 years, I was the sole provider of imagery surrounding the milestones within the lives of others. It brought me great joy to document special moments like a baby’s first breath, a mother nursing her 6-month-old and other milestones both big and small. When we found out that we were pregnant with our fifth baby, I knew that it was time to shift my focus and to spend my days “mothering.” Because I have gone through the pregnancy, postpartum and newborn stages so many times, I began creating partnerships with brands that I loved to help other parents. I wanted to give strong reviews about products that may go unnoticed because in some cases, they aren’t in stores (yet) or are available online only.

My Mission

My goal with this blog is to talk to parents of all types, to introduce brands that I like and to show them products that make life easier. I seek out brands that I love, companies that I’ve used before or products that I have heard nothing but great things about. I like to work with companies who hold solid reputations and have an open-minded appearance.

Let’s Parter

A typical partnership with me includes posts to Instagram Stories, Instagram, and of course, various Mom’s groups both online and in-person. I like to talk about products that actually work. When shopping, I base most of my choices off of the reviews that I see online. Sometimes it begins with a blogger’s recommendation and that then leads me to the product’s website where I can find more genuine reviews.



December 2016


Blogger – I am now a part of the MommyCon Parent Squad! This is a unique position where I receive products to blog and talk about, to review and introduce to my followers, friends and readers!

August 2016

The Black and White Blog

Blogger, Photographer – I decided to create a website that wasn’t restrictive. With seven children (and self proclaimed professional mother) I wanted to talk to my followers about products that I think they could use. I feel as though when I need something, I have better luck finding the best products online instead of settling for what’s in front of me at the store. The Black and White Blog is also a resource for parents to learn how to take amazing print worthy photos of their own children without being invasive or needing to really pressure for smiles.

April 2014

Naturally Maternal

Photographer – I opened a secondary brand that allowed me to focus solely on pregnancy, birth, newborn and childhood photography. This was one of the biggest peaks in my career so far, I loved opening a brand that I could really use to reach clients who wanted documentary style photography.

February 2012

Ediacol Photography

Photographer – This is where it all began, I purchased my first DSLR camera. Prior to this I was the girl that had a point and shoot (or a throwaway) camera at every event. I loved to capture my friends & I having fun! I operated under this name until 2014.

An Award Winning Artist

I spent many years as the photographer to families spanning from Southern California to Arizona & Idaho. My main goal with this role was to make people happy. Most recently, I won several awards from a contest that had over 300,000 photos entered. Through round style voting, some of my images made it into the top 100.

Because of my experience around cameras, people and artwork I feel that it is necessary to give some of my knowledge away. I love to help parents achieve better photos of their babies in the natural home environment. A portion of my blog is geared toward teaching parents to use their cameras.

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