Maternity Fashion at It's Finest, Pink Blush Maternity & Women's Clothing Review!

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Maternity Clothes for women of all shapes and sizes by Pink Blush Maternity

Maternity sessions are probably my favorite type of photoshoot. The sad part is that a lot of women skip this milestone session all together and go to celebrating baby and their arrival. I personally think that motherhood is a celebration of life, it is the ultimate high for about 9 months straight. So, I took to a message board and I asked, why women don’t make a maternity session happen. The number one reason was due to outfits. Whether it was the price of outfits, the anxiety that surrounds trying on clothes or the added expense of the shoot plus dressing a family.

I found the perfect solution to that and I feel as though Pink Blush solves all of those issues. I have purchased several clothing items from this brand and when they rolled out the ambassador program, I knew that I had to join. Not just for myself, but for my clients and to talk about this unique clothing line.

Pink Blush creates clothing that women of all sizes and stages of motherhood can wear. They offer Womens, Plus, Maternity & Plus Maternity sizing. In addition to the sizing being available to all women, the dresses are also multi-functional. For example, the dress that my model is wearing here, it is a maternity dress that gives easy access for breastfeeding and it has an elastic waist paired with stretchy material to accommodate for a growing belly as well as the shrinking postpartum body!

I feel that because the dress can be worn for many occasions, the price is justifiable. I also love the fact that the prints are flattering as is the material of their maxi dresses. You don’t absolutely need to wear shapewear to create a flattering silhouette because the empire waist and v – neckline will already do that for you.

My Favorite Thing:

This dress is available in many styles from sleeves to no sleeves, flowers, solids and more. The company also offers free shipping as well as a variety of items within their sale section. If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram You’ll have first access to the additional sales or coupons that are available!

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