Lensbaby Spark Review

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Lensbaby sent me this awesome lens to review for you guys, you’ll be able to pick one up for yourself on their website ($89.95)

I was introduced to the Lensbaby brand by a search for a unique product for photographers and the first product that I received was the Twist 60, I love that lens and I think it should be a part of every photographer’s gear bag. I first had my sights set on the Spark which I finally got my hands on more recently! This is another product that I find myself pulling out quite often, especially in the real life situations where I want to document my children playing.

This lens aims to create a unique image every time you click the shutter button. It’s virtually impossible to create the same image twice because of how the Spark lens operates. This is what intrigued me most about the product because as most of you know, I’m all about perfectly imperfect images and I like to be sure that my work is unique.

I love the vibrant colors, the clarity and the blur surrounding Addison’s face here

The packaging for this lens is really neat, you can see the lens right away. When I pulled it out I realized this was going to be something unlike any other. With this lens, you’ll mount it onto your camera just like you would any other lens. It reminds me somewhat of an elephant trunk in a way because it moves in every direction.  The Lensbaby spark is as manual as you can get when it comes to today’s camera lenses.

This isn’t just twisting the end of your lens, with this product, you’ll actually squeeze and twist the lens in different directions to achieve the amount of blur and sharpness in each photo. Like with a prime lens, you’ll “zoom with your feet” and even more than the usual because you’ll decide what you want to focus on. I switch between using my LCD and the viewfinder, both work well and I can’t say that I have a favorite. I do love that with this lens the sun flares look amazing. The way they come through the lens, there is added colors and I think that gives a very nice halo effect around the subject(s).

My Favorite Thing:

My favorite thing about this lens is that it helps you to frame your subject with a really nice blurred effect. I also feel like this lens ties in with my overall style really well but it’s very versatile. I think it pairs very nicely with both vintage presets as well as vibrant true color presets. Another thing I liked about the Lensbaby Spark is the outcome of the images. To me, they seem more realistic and I feel as though when looking through the final images, that I can relive those moments and that is what is important to me. I think these images are like looking through a retro family album from a TV show, they just have a classic feel and I adore that.

The price of this lens? Just under $90 you really can’t pass that up and it’s available for many camera brands and bodies!

Like with any new piece of camera gear, there is a learning curve to using the Spark lens by Lensbaby, this one took a bit more getting used to than the Twist 60 but I have truly come to love manual focusing and playing with light since picking up the Spark. I think this product is great for those who are creative at heart and who do photography to soothe their own soul. I have used this lens on a client for a newborn session which I thought was really fun! I also used this product for my other webiste on a post about my daughter losing her first tooth! You can see those images here: Idaho Falls Photographer

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