Idaho Falls Engagement Photographer

Congratulations on your engagement!

I am thrilled that you are here. Shopping for an Idaho Falls photographer can be so much work considering the fact that we have tons of photographers in our area (not to mention, Idaho Falls is gorgeous!) My name is Ally, I’ve been a photographer for five years and I love what I do. I like to think of myself as the person responsible for helping you to commemorate your engagement. An engagement session with me is a lot of fun. We laugh and play until the sun goes down. The golden hour lighting is something we’ll strive for no matter the season.

Engagement sessions are a big part of what I envisioned myself doing when I started a photography business. I love love. I myself have been in a relationship with my husband for 11 years and we take a ton of pictures of us together. We love to document our life and genuine emotions. Personally, I love the feel good images of people laughing, the ones where they’re caught off guard and acting natural. I am also very good about posing so if you need help there, I’ve got your back!

Idaho Falls photography sessions can be done year-round. I love shooting in all weather conditions except on windy days (unless that’s your theme of course.) Prior to your photo shoot taking place we will talk about where we’re going to take your pictures. I love asking my clients about how they met and if there are any special locations they’d like to suggest first. I have a ton of places where I love to shoot however, I like to make each session special and so by taking them to a place that is “theirs” that makes it even better.

As an Idaho Falls photographer, I’ll also talk to you about what you plan to wear during your photo shoot. This is important because the outfits can really make or break an entire session. I am also a fashion blogger and so I like to think that I have great taste in clothing and style for men and women.

Now, onto the technical side of things. Since I have been a photographer for quite some time, I have learned a ton about the technical parts to preserving memories. I unfortunately, am one of the unlucky few who hired a wedding photographer and ended up without pictures (my photographer lost my images due to a hard drive failure and they were unrecoverable) from that event, I have learned how to handle files, memory cards and also how to properly back up images. My goal is to always provide you with beautiful images that are custom to who YOU are without compromising the delivery.

Once the photos have been taken, it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your images. I strive to give you one image from each unique pose and a good amount of candid images too. I try to put myself in your position, while there I’ll choose the images that I think will look the best framed on the walls, in photo books or used as the centerpiece for other kinds of photo gifts.

I hope that you pick me for this special time in your lives!