See you April 1st!

Idaho Falls, ID

Please be sure to arrive at your session on time to make the most of our time together!

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, I am excited to meet you and your family (for returning clients, it will be nice to see you again!)

We are using an outdoor location, if you would prefer, please bring a blanket. I ask that my clients bring a blanket from their own home to personalize their session. This is optional so please do not stress if you forget it at home!

Be on the lookout for another invoice for your remaining balance that is due, if you’d like to pay in cash please disregard the email and I will cancel it after our session is completed. If you plan on paying via the invoice, please do so prior to your session or on that day.

Our session schedule is as follows;

4:30 Stauffer
5:00 Allen
5:30 Cynthia
6:00 Montalvan
6:30 Artigue
7:00 Hickman

The Address:

Our session will take place at Sportsman Park, you will want to park in the Key Bank lot and then you will walk across the bridge to the park area. You’ll see the big bridge that goes over snake river and we will meet right there.

501 W Broadway St, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

My phone number is 208-881-6178 if you need anything, please text me – since I will be in sessions I won’t be able to answer a phone call 🙂

About Me

Hello, my name is Ally I'm a mother to 7 beautiful children, a wife, and an artist. My goal in life is to raise good people, be a good person and experience as much as I can. I love to help other people through my experiences. I've been through a lot as a person and I feel like the more we talk, the easier those experiences can be. You are not alone, I'm here. Let's talk.

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Hi! Thank you for reading my blog posts, I’m a mother to five and professional photographer to hundreds. My days as a photographer began in Southern California where my friends and I had walls full of photos printed from our adventures. I currently shoot with a Canon 70D *gasps* a crop sensor?! Yes. A crop sensor, because it’s not the equipment that makes a good photographer. It’s creativity and challenges that do. I strive to document life as it is, to #sustainchildhood is my ultimate goal for you and for me. If you’ve found my article interesting or helpful, please consider sharing this page and using the hashtag #sustainchildhood so that I can see your work!


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