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Pink Blush - Perfect for All Occasions!

Recently our twins turned one and I knew I had to take a few photos to commemorate this very precious time in our lives. Making it through the first year with any baby is so important but with twins it was monumental for me, because during this year we have gone through so much. This dress was gifted to me for our photo shoot.


For our photo shoot, I chose a dress that was light and airy, not to take away from anyone else’s outfit.

Our twins turning one was huge for me and so I wanted to be sure that we took some pictures to save from their birthday. I had envisioned a classic family photo shoot of my husband and I, with the two boys. I chose my outfit first, just like I mentioned in my previous posts. My dress is a beige floral maxi wrap dress. It made me feel beautiful from the moment I put it on for the first time. 


One of the things I love most about PinkBlush is that their dresses are beautiful straight from the packaging. 

This is my go-to for photoshoot outfits!

Inside the packaging was the beautiful photo shoot dress and the matching fabric belt which completed my look. I like to keep things simple and I believe that less is more, so I didn’t feel as though this dress needed anything to be added to it, it was perfect as it is! I chose a maxi wrap dress because I knew that it would fall right where I wanted it to, to hide the parts of me that I didn’t really want to be on camera (love handles, etc) The empire waist is something that I always recommend, espcially to moms, or those who want the camera to view their shape perfectly.

I love the classic feel of the products from Pink Blush, my husband’s style is usually classic as well, so I know that no matter what I pick from this trendy online boutique, I’ll fit in just perfectly with his outfit.

Pink Blush is a great place for women of all sizes, from maternity to postpartum, women without children and plus sized women, this brand has something for everyone. Another thing that I love is the ability to nurse in most of their items, I think this is huge especially when it comes to the maternity wear – with most of those products, you can wear them throughout pregnancy and into the 4th trimester due to the nursing-friendly designs.


Pink Blush is hands down, my favorite place to shop for clothing when I want to look nice.

final thoughts

Dressing yourself can be quite hard with a changing body..

I used to look back on the girl I used to be, it made me sad sometimes because I so badly wanted to look the way that I did, forever. But when you have the right outfits that fir you well, that will make you feel better and boost your confidence. As a family photographer, I see one thing far too often and that is clothes that don’t fit properly or just are not the right style for all women.

When I was introduced to Pink Blush, I was looking for cute maternity clothes and although I was hesitant to buy online, I have been so pleased with all of my items from Pink Blush. No matter what I have ordered, it has fit me from during pregnancy to postpartum and then well after I am no longer in that stage of having a baby.


How you dress your body is up to you, but here are some tips that I offer my own clients.

cover elbows, knees, and bra straps. Wear underwear that fits properly, and go for a nude or beige colored bra under light colors – never white, it shines through clothing like the stars in the sky on camera.