Using a Backpack as a DSLR Camera Bag

DSLR bags can be bulky…

…or they tend to give the appearance of purses. For me, this isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes when I travel, it’s to places where bags literally can be snatched right from your hands and my camera bag is something that would leave me in devastation if it were stolen. So I thought maybe a backpack would do the trick. It doesn’t look like it would carry much more than supplies needed for work or school.

How do I protect my equipment though? I found this nifty little “camera insert” on Amazon for $9 which can hold my camera body and 3 lenses comfortably. If you needed more space you could buy more than one and stack them on top of one another if necessary. Carrying my gear on my back instead of on my side has given me much more flexibility when shooting. Most of the time I also have kids with me too so the backpack helps me to be completely hands free.

In addition to being able to carry my camera and a few lenses, I have more than enough space to carry extra battery packs, the charger and my laptop as well if I’m going to need it for the day! The Backpack that I chose is the Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Pack it’s sturdy and is a great size for my needs.

5 things that I love about the Carhartt Pack

  1. It’s durable
  2. Protection – water repellent & abrasion resistent
  3. Roomy – It fits everything that I could need for a day of shooting
  4. Unisex – My husband can carry this pack if I’m preoccupied with babies
  5. It’s inconspicuous to those who are looking for a new camera (or laptop)

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  1. Jen S

    This is such a great idea! Probably perfect for traveling.


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