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Pura Stainless sent me these products to review for you guys, you’ll be able to pick some up for yourself on their (website)

I’ve been a mother for 9 years and for the most part, I tried my best to always do what I thought was the right thing. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I made a decision that changed everything. I won’t get into the specifics about that here, but what happened lead me to do more research about the products that are offered to us in stores and what we choose to surround ourselves with in everyday life.

I began searching for other moms like myself who wanted to live a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m a non-toxic or crunchy parent because even though I do adopt a lot of those values and beliefs, I’m not there.. yet. I like to find the better options when it comes to products and one of the things that came up many times in my research was plastic. We shouldn’t be using it for food and drinks and so when I realized this.. I, of course, questioned… well.. what should I be using?

Stainless steel was the answer that I came across the most. There was also the option of glass but when it comes to traveling or being out of the house with a baby and my hands full, glass seemed too fragile for my lifestyle. (I do use glass bottles at home for my son, he loves them.) I began researching companies that made stainless steel bottles and that’s how I found Pura Stainless.

This is a company that offers bottles in all different sizes. You have your tiny baby bottles, large baby bottles, sport bottles, sippy cups and more. There is also the option to add a silicone sleeve to your bottles to make them easier to grasp.

I am using the Pura Stainless Sport Bottle with the Blue Silicone Sleeve, I think this bottle is not only really cool to look at but it’s also chemical free. I love that my water actually tastes different coming from this bottle. It doesn’t have that plastic smell and certainly doesn’t leave me concerned about the fact that if it gets warm, that chemicals are leaching into my water. The best thing about this bottle is that when you put cold drinks in it, they stay cold – that is going to be very helpful in the summertime!

My son is using two bottles by Pura Stainless, he has a small and a large and we use them both depending upon what he needs. The small bottle is for his water which he isn’t drinking very much of. This bottle was perfect to get him acclimated to holding his own bottle and being a little bit more independent. These stainless bottles weigh a whole lot less than glass bottles. I don’t have to worry about him dropping them, and they overall just look a whole lot nicer than plastic bottles do.

This company makes a good amount of accessories for their products as well. You can purchase silicone straws, silicone sleeves and travel covers to keep your bottle nipples clean. I love how the sport bottle has a little loop which makes for easy carrying. Overall, I think these products are great for parents like me who want to get their baby off to the best start. Pura Stainless is definitely our favorite and I think they’ve just scored a customer for life!

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Pura Stainless products don’t use any plastic and have been tested by several sources for lead. Their products rated better because there were no traces of lead, plastic or other harsh chemicals that could be found in the products that we choose to drink from. Pura Stainless is the only company that offers 100% plastic free bottles.

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