Functional & Stylish Apparel for Breastfeeding Moms – Milk Nursingwear


DEC, 2016


My Review of Milk Nursingwear

At times, nursing can be hard work, after nursing five babies I have to say that every little bit of ease counts. It’s true, the newborn phase is the fourth trimester and you’ll want to dress for the part. You know, for sanity’s sake. One day I was getting dressed and much to my delight, a pre-pregnancy dress of mine actually fit. I had only bee around 7 weeks post-partum so this was a big thing for me. Soon before it was time to leave, I thought I’d get a quick pumping session in. After getting everything ready, I realized there was no way that I was going to be able to use a double electric pump unless I pulled my dress all the way up from the bottom. I immediately changed because I had realized that I wasn’t going to nurse the baby like that in public.

I was so excited when Milk Nursingwear sent me these pieces to review!

I found Milk Nursingwear through Facebook! I loved their bright logo and had to check them out. I selected two nursing tops and a dress to try and I have to say that I love them all. When they arrived, the first thing that I noticed was that the package was heavier than usual. So when I opened it, I was surprised with the material. It was heavier and that’s exactly what I like when it comes to winter clothing. What I loved most about the items that I received is this: it seemed as though the designs were put in place in a way to make nursing functional. But I also liked that the colors were consistent. Sometimes with nursing clothes I see that they tend to make the inner panel a different color and I feel like that just doesn’t look as rich. I loved how the designs on the front of the clothing were exciting and different than what I had seen before when shopping.

The dress was perfect for a day date, night out or church. Anywhere that I could want to go, I could wear the Elegant Layered Nursing Dress and have the comfort of knowing that if a nursing session was necessary, that I wouldn’t have any problem accessing my bra for the baby.

I loved the Petal Nursing Top, the design on the front to make nursing easier is pretty and the fact that it’s a nursing top is hidden in plain sight. I liked the long sleeves too. This is another thing that I notice when it comes to shopping in mainstream stores; they offer nursing tank tops. I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to the postpartum body, I tend to feel very self conscious for awhile when it comes to my arms and therefore that makes it harder for me to shop.

Overall, I love the brand and I think that their clothing is different from what you’d typically see in a store. It is targeted to women who have just had a baby and I think they take into consideration the fact that women are all different and then you throw in the detail that they just had a baby, and this changes things. But their materials are great, the sizes are true and above all, you can nurse your baby while remaining stylish!