Earth Day 2018

A Little Lady & Her Greenhouse

Meet Maliah

The sweetest girl, well beyond her years. When she came home from school, talking about a greenhouse, I wasn’t sure how much involvement she had. As it turns out, she is one of the main people who help to make this as beautiful as it is.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to leave school and go home to either play with my friends or hang out in my jammies. Maliah is totally different from me, she extends her school days by an hour to stay and help tend to the plants.

This weekend was extra special, she was given the key to taking care of the plants on her own, without the teacher’s supervision. I could tell that she was so excited to do this, she loves responsibility. I didn’t want her to go alone (I also wanted to see what her tasks were) so I tagged along with my camera. Here are some pictures of Maliah, doing what seems so natural!

Tips for shooting in the blunt sun

1) ISO as low as it can go
2) Shutter speed fast

Tailor these settings so that the skin tones have color and aren’t white. In editing, you’ll be able to save highlights but only to an extent. In my opinion, blown highlights can ruin an entire image, so I always shoot dark and then process shadows and low tones in Lightroom.

Phone photographers, tap on the lightest part of your image, in this case, I would tap on her skin & then edit with your favorite app!

Feel free to leave comments or your photography questions in the box below, if you’re in the SE Idaho area & need a photographer, check out my Idaho Falls Family Photographer website!