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Let me first say that I love this warmer, I feel like the convenience of it is a lifesaver. My baby is completely breastfed however, I use a pump to create a stash of milk for when I really need it. Most often, the times when I really need the milk is when I’m running out the door to the store, a place where I’d like to avoid nursing if possible. I keep a stash in both the refrigerator as well as the freezer and I can use the refrigerated milk easily with the Dr Brown’s bottle warmer.

How I find it the most convenient though is for date night. I like to nurse my little one before we head out, normally my sitter uses one bottle while we’re gone and by using the warmer, I can enjoy my night out knowing that the risk for a milk burn is very low. On the back of the warmer, there is a sticker which shows a chart of the different time ranges to be used. Since you can heat up both glass bottles (my favorite) or the plastic ones, you’ll want to be sure to check that sticker out to see how much time you should be heating your baby’s bottle for.

The warmer was easy to assemble, it came ready to go out of the box for the most part. I simply snapped the lid into place and filled the water reservoir. (Sadly, I needed the instructions to figure out how to put the water reservoir back onto the warmer which is probably just a “me” thing and most other people will get it just fine.) Though the water reservoir seems a bit small, I can assure you that it lasts. I’ve been using the warmer for about a week now and haven’t gone through a tank yet. According to the insert, it should last around 8 warm-ups!

Another thing that I love about this warmer is that is fits conveniently on the counter. I have too many kitchen appliances and when I saw how small the box was, I knew just where I’d put it. The warmer doesn’t spew out too much of the steamy air but just as a precaution, I pull it out from underneath the cabinet to ensure that I’m not peeling away the outer finish on the overhead cabinets. Tonight we’re doing date night and I’m definitely going to point the warmer out to my sitter so that she can use it with confidence and won’t hesitate to warm up a bottle for our little guy.

When my baby reaches the stage of eating solids, I’ll be able to warm up his glass baby jars in this warmer as well. It’s amazing to me that this can be done and will work out really well being that we live in Idaho and warm food is always better than cold or room temperature! To use smaller bottles of food or milk, you simply pull out the bottle basket and flip over the movable piece on the inside. This helps the jar or bottle to sit up higher into the steam.


7 things that I love about the Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer

  1. Perfect for date night, sitter & care givers
  2. It heats the bottle with steam
  3. Easy to use and assemble
  4. Compact design saves counter space
  5. Compatible with many different bottle sizes
  6. Heats breastmilk, formula and baby food
  7. Heats glass and plastic bottles
  • In addition to making a top notch bottle warmer, Dr Brown’s also makes natural bottle & dish soap!

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  1. Christina

    What an awesome product! You gave a wonderful review. I imagine my kiddos would have loved this when I returned to work and they were fed breast milk via the bottle while I was away. 🙂

  2. Kelly loeffler

    This is a very informative blog post

  3. Karina

    I’ve never seen this product before looks great!


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