Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diaper Review

Making the switch to cloth

Switching from disposable to cloth diapers.

I’ve always used disposable diapers but when I realized we were expecting our fifth baby, I knew I wanted to try parenting a new way. I wanted to do things differently and the first thing on my list was to try cloth diapers. I have heard so many different things about them and it was mostly good things. So I looked around online and found Nora’s Nursery. I decided to give this brand a try and in short, I love these cloth diapers. I feel good going to bed at night knowing that I didn’t spend any additional money (beyond the investment) or have any diaper trash. My trash cans didn’t smell terrible and I didn’t have to go out into the cold to properly dispose of the would-be disposable diapers.


Great Fit

Nora’s Nursery designs with all babies in mind. There are plenty of snaps to fit all shapes and sizes.

Look and Feel

I loved the patterns and colors that these diapers came in. The monochrome diapers are my favorite!

Ease of Use

The Sets on Amazon come with a free wet bag so that you can be sure to keep your dirty diapers separated while on the go!

A top choice for beginners & new parents

I did a little bit of learning about cloth diapers years ago but I felt like the entire concept and method was confusing. When I went to look into purchasing the diapers, there were too many different things that went into making a complete set. So when I found Nora’s nursery I loved that they sold the diapers as all in one sets. You get a few covers, inserts and a wet bag. The package came with instructions and that got me started without feeling overwhelmed.

I loved that on the diapers there were tons of snaps which could be tailored to my little guy’s size. If he was bloated one day, the diapers would fit and there wouldn’t be any worries. Also, these diapers will last him a very long time since the snaps allow for many different sizes. The diapers come with an insert which are slipped inside of the pocket in the back of the cover. (I never noticed the opening so I would just set the insert on top of the cover, this way is incorrect but we still didn’t have any leaks!)

My son enjoys wearing cloth diapers because the materials inside and out, are much softer than disposable diapers. The cloth diapers can be somewhat bulky looking but the added padding is nice for both boy and girl babies especially when it comes to buckles on bouncy chairs and rockers.

Cloth diapers are easy to wash too. You simply rinse out any diapers that have solid waste before you throw them into the wash. There is even a little hose and sprayer that you can buy to safely and easily rinse off solid waste into the toilet which I think will be my next investment! When out and about, be sure to bring your wet bag. When your baby wets or soils the diaper youll just slip it off and put it into the wet bag which can be stored in the car or your diaper bag. The wet bag is to prevent the dirty diapers from mixing with your things.

Overall, I think I’m going to stick with cloth diapers. I think they’re environmentally friendly, nose friendly (haha because our trash cans don’t stink) and they look much nicer!


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