Boon Soak Tub Review

Sponsored By: Boon Inc.

Boon sent me thei Soak Tub to review for you guys, you’ll be able to pick one up for yourself at Target ($29.99)

Boon is a company that makes products for babies and I have the feeling that their aim is to make products ahead of what the parents are thinking. Every time I use a product by this brand, I’m thinking “that is really neat.” I previously reviewed the health and grooming kit by Boon and loved every product within that kit.

Upon receiving this tub, I first loved the shape and how compact the tub is. Though seemingly smaller than other tubs, this one goes up to 18 months and suits babies of three different stages; newborn, infant and toddler. This is made possible by a removable seat inside of the tub which can be turned two different ways or removed all together depending upon which stage of bathing your baby is in. For my son, we used the little seat which he sat up because it keeps him in place. Even if he decided to tip back, the tub was sturdy and the incline of the tub’s wall kept him above water and didn’t even startle him.

My Favorite Thing:

I have owned several baby tubs and this one is my favorite overall. It seems to be much safer than some of the others I’ve used and I think ultimately that comes down to the style and the design of the tub. With another product that I used, there was no inside support for baby and so baby didn’t have the ability to move freely, I had to keep my hands on baby at all times. With this tub, of course I stay in close range but I can also allow him to kick his feet and wave his arms without the fear of him slipping down into the water.

Along with the tub were some products by Mustela! We are currently testing the Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath, Shampooing Mousse, Gentle Cleansing Gel & the Hydra Bebe Lotion!

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