Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock Review

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Binxy Babysent me this shopping cart hammock review for you guys, you’ll be able to pick one up for yourself($49.95)

Tear free trips to Target are few and far between. Or so I thought! I recently came across Binxy Baby and loved what I saw. I am all about making life easier and finding things that make baby happy. This is definitely a product that fits within both of those categories. The Shopping Cart Hammock can work two different ways.

The first option (I like to call this the sleeping baby option) is to take your entire car seat and put it into the shopping cart hammock. Once in there, you’ll use a clip that goes over the top to buckle the car seat onto the cart so that it doesn’t move.

The second option is to simply place your baby into the hammock when he or she is awake. This allows baby to feel like they are a part of the group and to see what is around them. I really like this option, I think it’s safe and makes for a tear-free trip to the store!

My Favorite Thing:

Aside from my baby being completely content and comfortable, I love that you can still make use of the space within the shopping cart. Underneath your baby, you will still have the full-size shopping cart basket which can be used. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock will fit most grocery shopping cart sizes which is a major plus. In addition to being able to hold the baby up until around 8 months, the maximum weight is actually 50 lbs which is perfect for car seats to stay safe in a shopping cart.

We also used the medicine spoon for our two-year old who unfortunately had the big the longest. She was fighting a fever that was on the high side and out of range. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the spoon. Normally when she sees the typical medicine syringe, she is freaked out and clams up. The spoon looked more natural to her and therefore she took the medicine with little fight.

Binxy Baby shopping cart hammocks come in all different colors. Some are for boys, some are for girls and the rest are unisex. They wash very well too. We had a little bit of a spill in the car and so I just popped my Binxy into the washing machine and it was totally fine. You can also roll your Binxy Baby up into a neat little roll and that fits in my diaper bag / purse so I can take it with me no matter where I go.

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