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Sponsored By: The Vintage Honey Shop

If you’re actively on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen all of the pretty things made by @thevintagehoneyshop at one point or another. I recently partnered with them on a photo project and the girls have decided to offer my followers a giveaway!! Pillows Pictured are from Etsy!

The Vintage Honey Shop is a collection of beautiful nursing and teething necklaces, you can wear them out and about even without your baby. They use the best materials offered including organic wood rings and beads with non-toxic fabric glue at the very ends. I like this option for a teething necklace because your baby isn’t wearing it so there isn’t a risk there. This is the perfect option for Moms like me who love to babywear. While you’re cleaning or handling “life” your babe can be completely soothed.

My little guy is entering the teething phase, (a bit earlier than my other babies) he is often covered in drool and sometimes he can be very cranky because of it. When I put the necklace on to try it out, he took hold of it and that brought him comfort. I put the necklace in his mouth and he loved it! He isn’t at the point where he is coordinated to do that by himself but I feel like having this necklace and wearing it, that will help him to improve his coordination skills.

The teething & nursing necklaces come in many different patterns, colors and styles. To clean your necklace, you’ll simply hand wash I like to use the Dr Brown’s Natural Bottle wash, this way I know that I’m not contaminating the natural materials of this product and I know that it is safe for baby.

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