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Hello there dear parent!

I’m so glad that you’ve found your way to my blog. Here I’ll talk to you about using your camera and photographing your own children, at home. My mission is to help parents to preserve childhood memories that don’t necessarily call for hiring a professional. With my tips, I hope that you’ll support your local print companies and of course, continue to support your local photographers for the big milestones and anniversaries in life.

In addition to talking to parents about documenting the little days, I also do reviews on products that directly relate to parenting. In the mix you’ll find beauty and fitness reviews as well. Please consider following me on instagram so that you can stay up to date on my latest posts! If you have any suggestions for new posts or have questions, please feel free to leave comments on the posts.

Tips for Better Santa Pictures

Tips for Better Santa Pictures

Santa pictures are a weird thing, some kids love them, some kids hate them.. but either way, they do bring a little bit of joy for us parents, right? I have always been lucky with Santa photos, our kids never did the freak out and cry bit... which honestly, I'm a...

Reward yourself! How to buy a camera you’ll love.

Reward yourself! How to buy a camera you’ll love.

Lesson Three "How do I know which camera to buy?" How to choose your first camera: Research & pick a brand or two Set a budget     Include; memory cards & other supplies Don't look at camera kits Buy the camera + a 50mm 1.8 lens separately Shop the Sales / get...

About the author…

Hi! Thank you for reading my blog posts, I’m a mother to five and professional photographer to hundreds. My days as a photographer began in Southern California where my friends and I had walls full of photos printed from our adventures. I currently shoot with a Canon 70D *gasps* a crop sensor?! Yes. A crop sensor, because it’s not the equipment that makes a good photographer. It’s creativity and challenges that do. I strive to document life as it is, to #sustainchildhood is my ultimate goal for you and for me. If you’ve found my article interesting or helpful, please consider sharing this page and using the hashtag #sustainchildhood so that I can see your work!


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