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I started this blog for many different reasons. Primarily it was created to introduce my readers to products which range from products that will aid in parenting, hotels and even casinos. The products that I choose to review are interesting to me and others around the world. I know that there is a ton of benefit from word of mouth advertising so in the case of my readers, I help them to connect with companies and products that would suit their lifestyle better than what they would find in big box stores or just what is placed in front of them. Along with my reviews, I take pictures from the point of view of a real person and I talk about the things that I like about the product or location.
inspiration + sessions
I love pictures. For the last few years I’ve lived a life full of color and smiles. I am a professional Idaho Falls photographer where I work with hundreds of families. My reach spans from Idaho to Arizona and all the way down to Southern California. I am a Mother to five, we have three girls and two boys! With the surprising news of our latest little one, I felt that it was time to clear my schedule for them. I now take just a few clients each month. This works out better for those who choose me to capture their most important moments. I have more time to focus on planning their session as well as the editing that it entails.

My Experience At Vegas Crest

My Experience At Vegas Crest Visit Vegas Crest Casino What I like about playing at Vegas Crest Casino is that when you first arrive at their website, you can see the newest games added and also can see the latest progressive jackpot amount. These two things alone give...

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