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My name is Ally, I’m a mother to five little ones with twins on the way! My husband and I met at the tender age of 17 and have been together since. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that we decided to finally get married. Our children range in age from 1 year to 10 years old. We have a mixture of boys and girls and our twins are boys as well! We have yet to find out if they are identical or fraternal, which is something we’re eager to explore once they have made their arrival.

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I started this blog for many different reasons. Primarily it was created to introduce my readers to products that will help to make life easier. The products that I choose to review are interesting to me and compliment the lifestyles of many. I know that there is a ton of benefit from word of mouth advertising so, in the case of my readers, I help them to connect with companies and products that would suit their lifestyle better than what is placed in front of them at the store. Along with reviews, I take pictures from the point of view of a real person and I talk about the things that I like about the product. I don't like to talk about products that I don't like because I feel as though what might not work for me, may work for another person.


inspiration for parents

I love pictures. For the last few years I’ve lived a life full of color and smiles during my role as a photographer I worked with hundreds of families. My reach spanned from Idaho to Arizona and all the way down to Southern California. I am a Mother to five with twins arriving in February! We have three girls and two boys! With the surprising news of our latest little ones, I felt that it was time to clear my schedule for them. My goal with the integration of photography into this blog is to help parents to learn to photograph their children, at home... being children without the pressure of smiles and forced posing.

Boon Soak | Making Bath Time Fun & Safe!

Boon sent me thei Soak Tub to review for you guys, you'll be able to pick one up for yourself at Target ($29.99) Boon is a company that makes products for babies and I have the feeling that their aim is to make products ahead of what the parents are thinking. Every...

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